Upcoming Solo Show at Nuart Gallery

My next solo show, “Denouement”, opens May 27 at Nuart Gallery in Santa Fe. Please check back in the coming weeks for a preview of all of the new work.

Artist Statement:

My latest series of paintings explores denouement — the final resolution of the intricacies of a narrative; the outcome of a doubtful series of occurrences. These works capture a sense of plot resolving, but we are left unaware of the story, seeing only the sweeping exits of dramas untold.

The mystery inherent in the process of painting — itself a complex sequence of events — is mirrored in the painted subjects. The ending of their stories is near at hand, but not revealed — their outcome inviting the viewer’s participation.

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One Response to Upcoming Solo Show at Nuart Gallery

  1. Your distillation of form is intoxicating, happy trails.